Contemporary Issues in a Global Society

Upon completing the UAPP 619: Contemporary Issues In a Global Society course, I

  • Understand contemporary issues in public administration and I am able to apply concepts to my professional work;
  • Understand the role of public service in public management:
  • Am able to lead and manage in a changing public service context.
  • Appreciate the role of the public in policy choices and public accountability.
  • Assess avenues for effective policy change.
  • Understand the role of of new information sources in public-decision making.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

As a deliverable for UAPP 619, MPA candidates were tasked conducting a management analysis of an issue or nonprofit organization. Provided that I was familiar with current ongoing issues in the Milford School District given my role as school board member, I decided to focus on graduation rates in the school district.

Video: Addressing Dropout Rates in the Milford School District

Relevant Professional Work

Addressing dropout rates in the Milford School District before the pandemic was a key issue as to why I decided to run for school board and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on learning made it even more important.

After discussing how to improve dropout rates and the graduation rate as both correlate with each other, I worked with community and internal stakeholders to create the Graduation Advisory Committee at Milford High School. This Committee would look at current trends, district policies and procedures, and implement strategies to reduce the percentage of students dropping out and retaining them until graduation.