Through the UAPP650: Ethics and Values in Leadership course, I gained the knowledge to explain administrative ethics, the well-based standards of right and wrong that prescribe what public and nonprofit administrators ought to do in terms of duty to public service, principles, virtues, and benefits to society. Additionally, I am now able to utilize moral principles, ethical frameworks, and critical thinking skills in analyzing policies, situations, one’s own thinking, and the arguments of others.

As a result of this course, I feel more confident in making ethical and effective leadership decisions and develop an ethical culture in public service agencies.

Relevant Professional Work

In 2021, I drafted two policies for the Milford School District’s Board of Education: a duties and ethics policy, which outlined several ethical values and principles board members, current and future, should subscribe to; and a conflict of interest policy, which prohibits board members from having any direct financial interest with the district as well as discourages board members from voting on the employment of close relatives. After lengthy but meaningful debates with my colleagues, both policies passed with a simple majority.