Performance Evaluation & Management

Through the UAPP684: Performance Management & Evaluation course, I was able to gain an understanding of the basic frameworks, concepts, logic, techniques, methods, and theories of performance measurement and program evaluation. Some of the major models that I was exposed to in the course included strategic planning, performance measurement, PERT/critical path method for project management, and a series of program evaluation techniques.

Below are two case studies I performed on the Milford School District including on the District itself and its English Language Learner program.

Relevant Professional Work

As a result of the Performance Management and Evaluation course, I was able to relate the coursework to my professional experience as a school board member in the Milford School District.

Currently, the Milford School District has an outdated, 20-year-old strategic plan that needs to be updated to reflect the District’s current mission and vision statement, goals, and objectives. After expressing the need to update the strategic plan in October 2020, the Milford School Board of Education recently agreed to seek requests for proposals (RFPs) from vendors who could help the district create a strategic plan. Learn more: