Financial Management

Through the UAPP694: Financial Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors course, I gained an understanding on how to generate and use financial information in order to make sound managerial and strategic decisions. Within the course, I learned how to manage financial planning and the techniques of both managerial accounting and financial accounting to help organizations flourish by accomplishing their missions.

For my final project in the course, I chose to analyze the National Alliance for Mental Illness’s (NAMI) financial condition and major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOTs). Read more:

Relevant Professional Work

One of the primary roles of a school board member is to ensure that the finances of the district are balanced and that it is being good stewards of taxpaying dollars. At each board meeting, I have made it a priority to carefully review Milford School District’s finances and ultimately approve our monthly revenue and expenditure reports. To view the Milford School District’s business reports, click here.