Human Resources

Through the UAPP 696: Human Resources in Public and Nonprofit Organizations course, I developed:

  • Factual knowledge of human resource management in the public sector;
  • Conceptual knowledge of what is involved in managing people in public service organizations; and
  • Procedural knowledge through work with real human resource management dilemmas and cases; and
  • Metacognitive knowledge through work in understanding contingencies in human resource management settings.

Additionally, through the course, I gained the following outcomes:

  • Developed comprehension of major human resources management theories and concepts.
  • Learned to apply human resources management theories and principles to real life public service scenarios and consider the consequences of different strategies.
  • Analyzed human resource management challenges and considered how to address challenges within the boundaries of the law.
  • Developed a training on an human resources management topic.

As part of the final deliverable for the course, I created a training titled Diversity and Cultural Competency in the Milford School District, which addresses the need to increase diversity and cultural competency within the schools.

Video: Diversity and Cultural Competency in the Milford School District

Other artifacts completed through the course include…

Relevant Professional Work

As a school board member, I worked with the superintendent to create two positions within the school district: a public information officer as well as a supervisor of equity and support services.

Prior to having a seat on the school board, I noticed that school communications with the public, particularly with minority communities, was inadequate. Given the rise in social media use particularly by younger people, our school district needed to boost its outreach efforts. In July 2020, the Board approved the creation of a Public Information Officer position within the Milford School District.

As the first Latino elected to the Milford School Board, I felt an obligation to ensure that our schools reflected our community’s diversity, especially in leadership positions. To address the disparity of minorities in leadership and to properly address the needs of an increasingly diverse community, in July 2020, the Board approved the creation of a Supervisor of Equity and Support Services position.