Seminar in Public Administration

Through the UAPP 690: Seminar in Public Administration, I gained a better understanding on how to:

  • Define public administration, the public policy process, and the role of the merit system in shaping the field.
  • Discuss the role of communications in public administration as it relates to lobbying and/or advocating for a specific policy position.
  • Describe how the six principles of American public financial management influence budgeting processes in the public sector.
  • Interpret significant civil rights court rulings and legislation; cultural competency; and the effects and greater social implications of implicit bias.

Relevant Professional Work

In 2019, I became one of the organizers for the Education Equity Delaware coalition, an individual and collaborative advocacy effort aims to increase public awareness of education funding equity issues and solutions, and to focus on long-term systemic change on behalf of Delaware’s students, particularly those with the greatest needs. The goal of Education Equity Delaware is to update Delaware’s education funding system to be more fair, flexible, transparent, and responsive to student needs, so that schools have the conditions necessary for increased student learning.

As a result of Education Equity Delaware’s work and advocacy, Governor Carney signed into law Senate Bill 56, which made Opportunity Funding permanent for low-income students and English learners.